RVR and telepresence setup

Curious if anyone knows a way of setting up the RVR and perhaps raspberry pi and a camera so that it can be controlled wirelessly via home connected WIFI from an iPhone (preferably on iOS app) want to be able to see the screen at the same time as driving. would it be possible?- would there be lag?


We’re actually working on such project right now. You can see our first drive attempt here - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/715007485?t=0h59m27s

We’ll hopefully have a guide next month on how to replicate the setup! :wink:

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@BroStas Great project! I love the interactions with random people along the way. I’m glad to see you guys brought down the payload weight in your newer iteration. That was going to be my main suggestion for how to improve battery life.

If you haven’t done it yet, I’d also recommend updating the RVR firmware and checking out the updated SDK. The new firmware improves on the accuracy and handling of the existing driving interface, and adds several new drive modes. Some of them might be more suitable or more fun to use than stepping the heading target on the Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:


Hi Jim.

Thank you for the tips. Indeed payload is a bit of a tricky part. But we’ll figure something out. :slight_smile:

We indeed updated the firmware, and it makes turning much better. We haven’t look in to using Sphero’s new driving modes, since we already have a system where we send commands directly to the motors. But maybe later we will change that. :slight_smile:

Last week we’ve added a gopro + gimbal for extra smooth camera experience. Now just gotta figure out the gimbal battery life issue. :smiley: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LfVTkdUn18)

Cool watched the vid but how did you get it to go so far it is only Bluetooth.

I have been using this code for quite some time for a telepresence site that allows other people (or just yourself) to control the bot over the internet via an Android phone, but haven’t really posted anywhere about it other than the specific telepresence site community that I am involved in. I have not tested in on the new firmware yet.

That app paired with another app that handles the streaming would allow the platform to just consist of an Android device and the RVR. I also have code for the Pi mostly working with that same site, but does not fully work well unless using pipenv or similar

I put A blink mini on my rvr

@btelman96 that’s a nice minimal hardware setup. Since it looks like you’re currently using the raw motor commands under your RC drive interface layer, you should see some big driving improvements by switching to either the tank drive or RC drive interfaces (tank will give you on-board velocity control loops for each tread that are capable of operation down to around 0.1 m/s, and RC adds in gyro or IMU feedback for precise control of RVR’s angular velocity as well).


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Just adding my plug for btelman96/controller-for-rvr – I’ve been using it also and it works pretty well, although it would be awesome to get something similar for the new driving modes!

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