RVR being manually pushed?

Hello all,
We (my son who is 3.5 years old & I) took possession of our RVR this past weekend and have had an absolute blast with it. So much to learn, so many ideas, etc.
My question is:
Will the RVR get damage by my son manually pushing the vehicle on the floor?
What is happening is when we are using the unit via code, all is good. He knows to keep his hands and fingers clear and we have had a lot of fun w the color sensors + Alphabet. But my son is so engaged with it, that when I stop to make corrections to ‘our’ code’ he is pushing it all over the house until i have the code ready.
Will this damage anything? Should i take the battery out and pop it back in once done coding? I don’t want to tell him to not play with it, as i want him engaged in the event & keep him in sight.

If the only side effect is a shortened life span of 5 years vs 10 years on the unit- fine im cool w that. But i thought i should ask in case someone else had a similar issue down the road.

Thanks so much for our RVR!!!
We love it!

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My 1 year old has been pushing ours and no damage yet.


I’m no expert, but turning it off before pushing it around would probably be best, as it does have a wheel stabilization/ correction feature.

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Hi @jamesdevine23 !

It’s awesome that your son loves your RVR as much as you do! A big concern with the “push cart” style RVR would be damage to the gears in the gearbox. Although we did size those to be able to withstand a lot of torque and shock and allowed the gearbox to be backdriven, we can’t promise you won’t see some gear damage with this new, high level of play. So, proceed with caution!


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Thank you to each of you for the replies, especially Lindsey.
I will try to make a point of creating the programs at night (until he gets a bit older) and then making the ‘play time’ more of a lets run this program and then this program and then lets try this.
I can also break down and be a Dad and take it away until we are ready again to speed off.
Its just being more organized I guess. The darned RVR just has a battery that wont quit! First time experience with an electronic that I said that!!!
I can’t wait to try our our Universe Idea. He loves talking about the Kuiper belt because he enjoys that it is so far away. I think it should put the RVRs battery to the test!


Hey @jamesdevine23!

It does look and sound like you all are having a lot of fun :smiley:

One idea that might work (if you can get your son not to remove it) is to make/buy a platform on wheels that you could place the RVR on when you are coding, so that he can still push it around, but won’t cause damage to the gears.

Hope you all continue to have a blast!