RVR Firmware + Python SDK Update Now Available

Hello RVR Users!

New RVR firmware has been released! This firmware makes driving more consistent and controllable, tracks target heading three times more accurately, improves locator accuracy, and produces cleaner stopping behavior. Connect to your RVR with the Sphero Edu app on iOS or Android to automatically update to the newest firmware. Make sure your app is up to date (v6.0.0+ on iOS, v6.0.1 on Android) first.

In addition to improving existing functionality, this update adds numerous new features, most revolving around driving. Check out the release notes for a complete feature list. We also just released a major update to the python SDK for Raspberry Pi to advantage of all the new firmware features! Get the details on the SDK at sdk.sphero.com, and be sure to check out the RVR Control System Manual to learn about all the new driving modes!

We’re all excited to have this out in the world, and look forward to seeing your creations! Happy hacking!



Congratulations on the release. Looking forward to learning about the improvements.
Will the Edu app be updated with the new motion functions ( Drive to X-Y Position, etc.)
in block and Javascript text programs?

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Thanks Wayne, we are planning to integrate some but not necessarily all of the new features into the Edu app over time. The specifics haven’t been nailed down yet on our roadmap, but Tank Drive will probably be one of the first to go in.


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Is the new SDK/API access only available via the serial port or can we also connect via the built-in BLE?


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It is accessible through the BLE interface as well.

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@Stev To clarify a little bit: All of the API commands will work through either interface, but the SDK doesn’t currently support using the BLE module on the Pi (if that’s what you’re trying to do). It would be a cool addition, so I made a new thread for discussion of BLE control.



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