RVR Frequently Asked Questions

What is RVR?
RVR is an all-terrain tank that’s simple to get started, ready to drive, and designed for customization. Built for hackers, educators, and students, RVR is the ultimate canvas for your creativity.

When will RVR be released?
October 2019

I missed the Kickstarter but still want a RVR, can I get one?
Yes, you can ensure that you are one of the first to get a RVR along with the Kickstarter backers by pre-ordering RVR here: https://www.sphero.com/rvr

How can I program RVR and what SDKs will be available?
Right now we plan to support the following SDKs and API connections quickly after launch. We hope to make additional available over time based on community feedback and this list is subject to change.

  • Low Level API via UART (Universal Expansion Port)
  • Raspberry Pi (Python & Node.js)
  • Arduino
  • micro:bit (Python and MakeCode blocks)
  • Sphero EDU App (Draw, Blocks, Javascript)

How do you pronounce the name?
“R-V-R” or “Rover”. Up to you!

I know northing about coding or robots, can I still use RVR?
YES! - That is the beauty of RVR - you can use it even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life and you can grow with it over time.

What is the battery key?
In order to make this available to the broadest age range, we had to “lock” the battery with a key. We designed a cute little RVR key, but no worries if you misplace it, a simple coin can open the battery compartment.

What is the biggest difference between RVR and other tank robots?
The control system - most robots in this price range have no control system or an open loop, meaning the control system isn’t adapting to the environment. RVR adapts and does its best to stay on target so you can program the robot to drive 10 feet and turn left 13º and go two more feet - and it will - over most terrain.

What is the UART port?
UART is a way to communicate with the native commands on the robot through a wired connection that resembles a serial interface.

How long will it take to charge the battery?
2-3 hours depending on the unique charging block you use.

Will RVR work with my other Sphero EDU Programs?
Yep- RVR works out of the box with the Sphero EDU app and will be compatible with most BOLT programs. (Minus the matrix)