RVR manual?

Is there a more detailed manual available for the RVR? Mine just came with a legal notice and a 2-page fold-out document (4 pages total) with basic pictograms on assembly and battery charging. I’m looking for at least some basic info on the user interface for Sphero RVR app.

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This isn’t directly helpful probably, but I think this is the same exact app that is used by their other robots such as Bolt etc. So there might be existing documentation for the app outside the realm of RVR.

Thanks - I’ll check out the Bolt documentation.

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Hi @MikeH - there will definitely be some activities in the Sphero Edu app tomorrow that will help you get started programming with the Sphero Edu app. If you are looking to use RVR with 3rd party hardware like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or micro:bit, you’ll want to visit sdk.sphero.com for getting started tutorials for those platforms.

Stay tuned!


Thanks Ubow. For now I’m just using the Sphero EDU phone app to manually move the RVR around. Is there any description at all for the different features in the UI there and where would I find it?

Hi Mike,

Below is a link to our Sphero Edu documentation page. You’ll find information on everything from getting started to detailed information on using each block. We hope you find it helpful. Happy programming!


Thanks Chrissy - that looks like a terrific resource.

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Sadly I get “Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at sphero.docsapp.io.”

I hoped to find useful resource…

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Hey @adrius42,

I just jumped to the link and was seeing what you were seeing. When I went to go back to the link after clicking around to find other resources for you while we sorted this one out, the link was working again. Can you let me know if you continue to experience issues?


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I’m assuming you have something to do with Sphero…

The issue is intermittent, I have seen it since I last posted that I could see the site.

I suspect it is a simple over usage issue… you need more load balancing and mirror sites, and if you really want to fix the problem you can pay for the data to be cached around the globe.

Your website manager should know that they have page provisioning issues.