RVR Mechanical Drawings for designing accessories

Are there mechanical drawings or step files available for the RVR itself, as well as the roll cage and mounting plate? I would like to design and 3D print my own parts that that snap into the RVR vehicles mounts for these components.

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A printable model of the mounting plate is available here I think, I’ve never tried it but I certainly want to soon!

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@brightnbubbly: Maybe you might know more? I’d love to use a step file of the full RVR chassis, even if it’s just an empty shell. Would that be possible?

Thanks for your reply!

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Hey @PeterBrotzahl!

The Sphero team is working on getting one produced. They should be posting here when they have one on Thingiverse :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see all that you do with your RVR!



Thank you very much!

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