RVR movement issue and question

We are having a great time playing with the RVR. Pretty awesome bot.

  1. When you program it to do a 180, it’s not quite 180 which really makes it impossible to complete some tasks. It goes about 177 or so. Different flooring also affects this. There is no way to compensate for this since there RVR turns left for 180+ and right for 179 and smaller. Please add some compensation or suggest a fix.

  2. How to do program it to use sensors while free driving?

Thank you

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I’ve also had problems with it turning, but the opposite of what you have. In manual mode it turns a bit too much, which makes it impossible to drive indoors as it constantly lurches into wall even at minimum speed. I guess the turning just needs a little work.

One thing that’s great about RVR is you can add your own IMU in addition to their - I assume.

One that I bought, and have not had time to get going, is a breakout board for the BNO055.

Also, with firmware updates they can likely improve the accuracy with their treatment of encoders and their PID algorithm etc. Hopefully they can open some of that up to the community and we can try our hand at helping tune PID parameters etc.

Haven’t had any issues driving indoors. I just turned down the speed. It still turns quickly though.

Yeah hopefully they can tweak it. I’m using it at home but in and education setting it needs to be pretty flawless, which it’s close.

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It’s likely you’ll never get a perfect turn even adding another IMU. That is just the nature of working with robotics. The sensors are imperfect, the wheels or tracks slip, etc.

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Just an update, I was able to improve it. One of the tracks is a little looser than the other. I swapped sides and it tracks much much better now.


Oh, I’ve had that problem as well, I should try your idea.

Hello everyone, and thank you for posting your experiences using RVR. Please know that we take your feedback very seriously, and we want RVR to be the best it can be for our users.

While @rmerriam is absolutely correct in asserting that nothing is perfect in robotics, I can confirm that we have seen the issues that @Smithj33 and @Emerald_RVR reported in this thread, and are working on control system changes to improve programmed driving accuracy. These changes will also affect turn rates to improve the joystick driving experience in the EDU app.

Plus…we are working on additional driving interfaces that will open up more possibilities for controlling your RVR via our SDKs. These changes are planned for a future firmware update delivered through the EDU app.

Keep on hacking!