RVR Packet Structure

So are the TID, SID, and Error Codes are not needed in the UART when I am sending bits to the RVR? Do I have to replace them with something or can they just not exist when I am creating the packet? I am not using a Pi and not an arduino, so I am trying to create the packet from scratch.

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Hi @vivladd8,

I have a C++ library for the version 2 of the software nearly complete. It is at https://gitlab.com/rvr-group/rvr-library-v2. There is a wiki that details what I’ve learned in reverse engineering the protocol.

Your question about what can be omitted from the protocol is one I wondered about but haven’t experimented with so can’t answer. My main reason was that eliminating a byte or two from the message wouldn’t save much time or effort. But I have wondered if it could be done. The protocol description implies it is possible. I may try it in the next day or so and will get back to you with the results. If you experiment please let me know.



I just tried omitting the target ID from a message and the flag bits. It seems to work. I only tried it with a simple message.

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Thank you! I am trying to drive it back and forth currently

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