RVR, Pi & a Restful API

Hi folks,

I don’t know if anyone is still playing with their RVR’s? Hope so…

So first off, I know nothing about Node.js or Python so I am hoping desperately I can get the API working on the Pi I and then I can call it from .NET Core (in theory). I have spent many days now trying and failing to get an API working on a Pi so I can connect it to the RVR.

What I have tried so far…

I have downloaded and installed the correct version of node for the Arm 7 processor.

I have created a folder and cloned the SDK here: GitHub - sphero-inc/sphero-sdk-raspberrypi-nodejs: Sphero SDK to run on Raspberry Pi using a Node.js RESTful web api and web sockets.

Then I have done the following 3 things as advised on another post:

  1. run sudo npm install to install the required packages.
  2. run sudo npm run build to transpile typescript to javascript and build it into the dist folder
  3. run sudo npm run start to start the server

It errors on 1 and therefore failed to build (2).

So if possible can someone help me get an API up so I can command this robot?

If not with node then some other way?

Thanks in advance

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