RVR Problems

I took my sphero for a spin in my backyard, and when I returned inside I noticed that it had somehow gotten debre into one of its sensors. :sweat: This is kinda a problem, since I can’t even see the sensor, which means it’s definitely not going to be able to do its job. Is there a way for me to open him up and remove the debris from inside? I’m asking here before I destroy anything…

A little help would be appreciated… :cold_sweat:

Got a picture of the problem?


Using compressed air near the hooks of the front blue latch can help clear away debris that’s collected near the front IR or color sensor.

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I’m also a photographer, so I have a sensor cleaner that blows air, the problem is that the inside is a bit greasy, so the debris are sticking to stuff. I’ll send a photo once I get home.

Hi @Emerald_RVR!

Do you have info on which sensor is affected?


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I believe its the front one.

OOo yeah that’s right in front of the front IR sensor. For now, if you don’t plan on using IR, you are fine. I’ll try to send you a picture in a little bit of what @MechyDave is talking about with getting the compressed air in from the top. I wouldn’t suggest taking apart your RVR, so hopefully we can get this out the easy way!

Also, I’m very impressed you managed to get some debris in there!

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Same, all I did was drive it around for a bit.

Hmm. I find this to be a troubling issue for a robot touted as “All-Terrain”, and that you can “Code with it, build on it, and hack the robot of your dreams — then take it anywhere.”, in my opinion.


@logiclindsey In case the air does not work, do you think I would be able to take it apart with my experience? I’ve successfully taken apart and rebuilt a drone, speaker, RC car, watch, and a few other things like nerf guns. If the RVR isn’t any more complicated than a normal electronic I think I’d be fine, although I would like to have an experts opinion before I do anything. (If I do anything at all)

@Emerald_RVR alright we did some work to try to replicate what you have seen and try some very creative solutions.

First off, looks like you got it stuck on the back IR sensor. Things are a little easier with this. Remove your battery to make things a little easier. First try giving it a good shake or tap on the back to try to move the debris from out under the PCB. I promise it won’t hurt it. It is ok if it’s floating in the chassis elsewhere. If that doesn’t work, get your can of compressed air and try to get some air either in the back tabs (as shown with my lovely drawing), or through the battery compartment


I really will downvote opening up your RVR. I know it might seem like an easy task, but there was lots of care and love that went into building your robot, and that is difficult to replicate. I’m also pretty sure I’m legally supposed to tell you not to.

*sorry for the multicolored RVR, it’s all we had on hand!


Gotta love a sense of humor like that!

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