RVR Randomly Turning Off

For some reason, ever since I’ve started filming a little montage of RVR, he has been randomly turning off, usually when he get jolted even the smallest bit. it is annoying because every time i try filming, it will turn completely loose power with even the slightest turn. The battery is fully charged and there should be no reason for it to be doing this. My guess is that something happened with the circuit boards and it is being disconnected by sudden movements.

I put together a video of some of the times this happened.

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. I’d love to continue filming, but its a bit hard when he can’t stay on.

I thought I read a previous post about some body having issues with a loose wire and had to re-solder it to fix it. It does seem as though you have a loose connection somewhere.


Hello @Emerald_RVR,

So sorry to hear that!
I wonder if the battery disconnect while you are driving on some rougher patches of the terrain.
A simple test you can do to verify this is to place your fully charged battery in RVR, and turn on the robot. Then, start shaking it to see if the battery disconnects.

If that’s the case, there are 2 prongs that are connecting the battery to the robot. Those might be a little bent, and you might be able to use a screwdriver to gently bend them back to the normal position.

Let me know how that first tests goes,


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We are having similar issues on our RVR today. The issue seems to happen on small bumps even though battery is charged and battery seems solidly in place. Is there a recommended method for bending the metal tabs? Tbh, it seems like a different internal issue but I will try the tabs. But getting to them seems difficult as well.

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@cdJanke I believe I have found the issue: the little button on the battery that activates it when the door is closed. I just sat with the RVR and flicked the battery door lightly, that was enough to completely turn off RVR. The battery door seams to be the only place this happens, so my guess is that something with the batteries wiring is messed up making it loose the signal from the little button when it is nudged. It’s to the point where I can barely even touch the door and it will happen. Not sure if that’s been a problem for any of yall before. (And yes, the battery was full)