RVR + Raspberry Pi + Nodejs + RTS User Interface

Hello! I am new to the community and I just wanted to show a bit of what I’m working on and see if anyone else is working on something similar. Essentially, I have made an interface inspired by Real Time Strategy games designed to simultaneously control multiple complex robots. In this case, RVRs! You can demo it not hooked up to anything here: http://www.ericreed.me/athena (right click + submit order button to place a move order.) I just married my interface and back-end with a Raspberry Pi running Nodejs on a RVR and have it on video with live positional data!!! Pardon the mess haha.

Next up is hooking up more telemetry so I can track the rotation etc of the vehicle!

Is anyone working on a command and control system similar to this, or a Nodejs project in general? I hope to have a fleet of vehicles controlled this way eventually!!!

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