RVR ROS Node Development

Great to hear!
Maybe you guys have some capacity for a bare minimum ROS package now? :grin:


there is a partial ROS package and I would be more than willing to finish it, but would love some stl’s so I can do the URDF.

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I’d be happy to measure up the Rover. I don’t think we’d get the CAD from Sphero, as I have already asked them before without luck, unless that’s changed @Sphero_JimK ?

Can you give some details on your ROS package? Is it c++ or Python? Which features are you planning/ are working?

Looking forward to hearing more!


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Hi Phil and Walter,

This seemed like a good thing to have its own thread, so I moved it. We can’t give you any production CAD files, but I’m looking into whether we can provide simplified exterior-only models. That’s all you need for a URDF, right? Enough external detail for simulations and SLAM collision avoidance?



An external only would be absolutely awesome. Step file with separate main parts would be even better, then its more fun to develop addons.

Any news on a ROS package from Sphero’s side?


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Hi Phil,

At this point we don’t have any specific plans to develop a ROS package. If you guys want to build it, that’s almost certainly the shortest path to being able to use one.

As for the CAD, it looks like we will probably release external CAD files at some point. The schedule is unknown at this time.


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