RVR / RPi model B recommended mounting / standoffs?

Can anyone recommend specific mounting hardware for use with the RVR and a Model B Raspberry Pi? I’ve seen some photos with nylon standoffs or nylon hollow cores with metal hardware – what’s worked for you?

Sphero-ites, want to recommend specific hardware @ McGuckin’s for a fellow Boulderite :smile: ?

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Are you in US or elsewhere?

In US I’m using 4-40 hardware. You might want M3 elsewhere.

I have links to 4-40 hardware at https://www.kinvert.com/sphero-rvr-raspberry-pi/


Hey @donnerdave ,

We have used M2.5 screws around here with some unthreaded spacers from McMaster-Carr: https://www.mcmaster.com/unthreaded-spacers . McGuckin’s should have something similar. 4-40 hardware will work just fine if you can only find Imperial hardware.

While you’re at McGuckin’s, you mind picking us up some stuff…



I use nylon M2.5 (which is the RPi “correct” size). I actually use the tall standoffs (5mm) just for ease of access. The mounting holes on the RVR cover fit perfectly, btw. I got my nylon standoff kit from Adafruit. https://www.adafruit.com/product/3299