RVR runs once and stops working w RPi 3B+

I have been able to get my RPi 3B+ to control my RVR but now it stops responding after I succesfuly run the program once. It will work again- only once - when I restart the RVR. I updated the firmware and RPi image last week. Any suggestions?

Hi @fractalsuar,

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with your RVR, and I’ve never heard of this particular issue before. Have you tried running any of the examples in the getting_started subdirectory of the SDK? If you can try some of those and/or post your code, then that would help to narrow down the problem.

You can also check out the newly updated Raspberry Pi section of our website, which goes along with some SDK setup changes that went live last night: Intro · Sphero Public SDK


Sorry with the holidays approaching I forgot to update my question but I figured it out. It’s a power issue. If I power the RPi with the RVR it works intermittently. If I use an external power source it works consistently. We are going to use portable power packs on the RVR to power the RPi.

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What power packs are you using?

I just put a Pi 3B+ on an RVR. The power led goes dark quite a lot so tried some batteries packs. They also dropped voltage enough to flicker the Pi power light. This with only the Pi so once I add other capabilities there is going to be a problem.

The RVR 5V output (which is shared between the 5V pin on the UART port and the USB port) is designed to stay at 5V until the e-fuse sees an overcurrent condition, at which point it shuts off completely. If you’re seeing power fluctuations I would expect that those are resistive drops across the USB cable. Is this with a long and/or thin USB cable? Even though we don’t officially recommend powering a Pi 4 from the RVR, I’ve always been able to do it with no issues while working on the SDK. The Pi 4 has a higher peak current draw spec than the 3B+, though of course that’s load-dependent.

See our new and improved Connecting to RVR page for more details.


I was looking at the new page Wed to see if I missed any points.

I worked with the setup today and saw no under-voltages, although the dmesg log reported a couple. I had an inline USB volt/amp gadget setup last night. It was causing a voltage drop. Can’t trust it now.

BTW I have the C++ SDK cross-compiling on my Ubuntu desktop with Eclipse. The programs will run remotely on the Pi 3B. Since I’m pushing hard on C++20 ran into issues with the Pi OS because it has GCC-10 and I’m using GCC-11 for latest C++20 capabilities. Had to use Ubuntu Server 21.04 to get GCC-11. Tried to get things working on a Zero 2 W but it won’t initialize the Wifi chip. Will wait for the OSs to catch up with me. :grinning: :grinning:

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