RVR shutting off when bumping

I recently received a broken rvr that shuts off when it numbs into objects, and Sphero already sent a replacement so I’m fine with taking it apart and doing anything that might fix it. It usually does this when it is around 60-100% speed. I’ve taken it apart and couldn’t find anything that stood out as something that could cause it. My best guess is that something is wrong with the accelerometer?

Thanks for all the help in advance!

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Hi @enothecool, I’m glad our support department got you a replacement.

I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to give advice about RVR disassembly, but I can tell you about the issue. When we’ve seen this symptom in the past, the defect is in the spring contacts of the battery compartment, which don’t apply enough pressure to the battery and briefly open the circuit during an impact.

Good luck,


Oh so my guess what right, I haven’t seen my RVR in months, I’m heading out right now to test if it still happens.

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