RVR Story Time!

This won’t quite be the usual show and tell post you might be used to. I have this funny story about my RVR that I just have to tell.

RVR Makes Friends

The first time I ever took my RVR out for a tour, I decided to take the coastal trail, which is the flattest and longest path I could think of. Along the way, RVR attracted quite a bit of attention. Mostly younger kids giving it admiring looks, and a few teens cracking up when RVR nudges them because they keep staring. For the most part I was able to answer everyone’s questions about RVR, the only time I did not quite know what to say was when someone randomly asked me: “How good is it?” It was kinda like being asked “Does you food taste?” Yes, of course it’s good, but I had no clue what exactly about it he wanted to know was good, so I just said yes and kept walking.
After a few hours of driving full speed, (I’m impressed with the battery, which when I got home was still around 75% full!) I started heading home, around the end of the trail, I noticed a group of boys, around 18 years old, who were pointing at RVR, so I drove him over to them. They loved it and were very curious. I explained what RVR was and what it did. Most of them lost me at “RVR”, but one of them was all like, “ohh, its a rover!” I spent about 5 minutes chatting with him, when I randomly get a call from my mom. I step off to the side to take the call, and the boys started chatting. It went something like:
“That things cool. So it’s basically a $200 phone charger?”
“Well hey, we made a new friend, thats cool.” (I’m not sure what it is, but almost every time I talk with random young adults, they always say something along the lines of having made a new friend.)
After I finished my call, I said bye and headed home, thinking it was fun meeting some new people.

About two weeks later, on the weekend of my little brothers birthday, I walk over to the soccer field to watch him absolutely destroy the other team. On the way there I noticed some boys hanging around the school. They give me a weird look, so I just ignored them.
Around an hour after the game I start heading home, the same way I came. The boys were still there and they give me the same weird look as last time, so I stop and say hi. The boy closest to me replies with, “aren’t you that kid with the RC car back there, you know, from the trail?”
It was the same group of boys who though RVR was a $200 phone charger. :rofl:
After he explained to the people new people who I was, we had a small chat and I went on my way.

And that’s it. If you are still reading, thanks so much for sticking with me for this short story. I might be posting another one sometime soon, if something else interesting happens.


I love this! I’m glad RVR is bringing people together!

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