RVR thinks he is hot

Similar to the problem described in the Flashing Red Lights topic, my RVR is flashing red when I turn it on. It is also giving me the “Engine overheated” warning as soon as I connect RVR to the EDU app. I checked, and it is on the newest version, so that is not the issue.

Hey @Emerald_RVR!!

The first thing that comes to mind is that you may have shut down your RVR last when it was in an “overheated” state, not giving it enough time to complete its cool down process. RVR has a “checklist” that it goes through after it has overheated and maintains its place in that “checklist” in memory, even after a power cycle, to prevent people from bypassing the “Overheating” error by simply “turning it off and back on again”.

Do you think it is possible that your RVR was shut down when it was in the middle of the cool down process the last time it was used?

Thanks for reaching out (we always love hearing from you) and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Ohhhhh, that’s probably it! He died while I was driving him around, so he was probably about to start cooling off when that happened, and I just never got the memo. :sweat_smile:

That is great to hear, @Emerald_RVR!

So sorry there isn’t more documentation on this :see_no_evil: (though there is some on the EDU site)

The holidays had our designer swamped, so the gifs I’ve been wanting to put up of all the different light patterns and what they mean and how to fix “issues” like this are a bit delayed on getting on the site, but I’ve been told he is almost finished (looks like it is time for me to get him some donuts!!).

Just to be extra clear, the issue you are seeing should resolve if you just leave your RVR on and allow it to finish up the process, at which point, you should be able to resume normal use :relaxed:

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions and, for the love of all things holy, please keep posting your stories and projects and photos; they add so much joy to our lives around here :relaxed:


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Do you know by any chance whether RVR shuts off USB power when in overheated mode?

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@PeterBrotzahl, that is a great question; I’ll be sure to add this clarification to our docs :relaxed:

Power is not cut to the USB port; only the motors are disabled when in thermal protection mode.

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Hmm, the warning said I can keep driving when I got it. It’s never actually stopped working.