Sea Serpent Portable Pond

Our Sea Serpent likes the new RVR using its portable pond.


It’s on the way to a restaurant to try the baked garlic clams.

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Would this not belong in the show and tell section, and not under questions?

Edit: And you put it on backwards… unless that was intentional…

There’s a show and tell section? Oh well. Backwards? I’ve gotten too old for the pull downs and sections. You can drop it. I was hoping to share my fun is all.



By the way, where can I find the “follow the RVR’ code since I have a 2nd RVR as well as a Bolt.

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Hey @Sudal,

I am so happy you asked that!! You can find the walk-through of how to set that up here:

The code itself can also be found in the Raspberry Pi Python SDK in the projects folder :slight_smile:

I hope you have tons of fun playing with it!