Should I continue C++ Update to V2 Firmware?

I’m wondering if it is worth my effort to update the C++ access to the RVR. I did a version that worked with the V1 firmware and have been addressing changes for the V2. But the last few months have actually been spent revising the code to C++20 and some refactoring without any updates for V2. That started this week.

I don’t see much activity about the RVR as there was originally. That makes me wonder if I’m just entertaining myself with this work. That’s almost sufficient but there are some other explorations I’d like to make.

Anyone really interested? Can Sphero provide any guidance, probably privately, on whether the RVR is seeing usage beyond educational play toy?

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I’ve only come to Sphero RVR in the past year. I hope to use RVR as the mobile base for hobby robots.
I really appreciate seeing the technical work you’ve done; it is so clean and well thought out. It is an inspiration.

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