[solved] Ollie doesn't wake up


First experience with Ollie, not clear to me.
I managed to connect to Ollie once, leds turned on, firmware updated, and everything worked fine.
Then i pressed the shutdown Ollie buttons within the sphero edu Android app.
End of the game, i can’t wake it up again.
I can see the id of the bluetooth Ollie, i can select it but connection always fail.
Tried to charge, quit app, reset bluetooth, restart my Android phone, etc. Nothing helps.
When i unplug ollie, even with green light around USB charge port, nothing happen, no lights.

Did i miss something ? Is there another way of waking it up ?

Thank you

Answering to myself,
Seems that this erratic behavior is related to my phone (Huawei mate 10 lite) since it’s working properly with another (more recent) Android phone.

Thank you, have fun.