Spark+ not following drawn line

I recently picked up a spark+ and I’ve tried just a basic drawing program with the kids. However, I’m having an issue where it travels from its current location to the end point of the line in the shortest path. For example, if I draw a circle it will drive a few inches to the side to account for a slight difference in the start and end point of my circle. It doesn’t actually follow the path drawn. This makes it hard to do anything besides a square/rectangle. Every shape needs to be broken down into straight lines manually. Is there a setting I’m missing. This behavior doesn’t seem to be in line with the example programs for shape drawing.


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Hi @wright100,

Welcome to our community! I’m sorry you’ve run into issues with your SPRK+. I haven’t seen anything matching your description before, but if you send an email to our Customer Support team can help figure out what’s going on.


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