Speaker for rvr

Hi all,
I’m looking to see if anyone has any speaker suggestions. I don’t have the rvr myself but I’m looking to maybe get speakers as a gift so the noises play through the bot itself rather than the phone speaker. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be tickled pink!


I do not believe it is easy to program it to play sounds not on the phone, but I personally am working on a 2 two inch subwoofer system for mine. I would suggest getting a small bluetooth speaker like this one, which will fit perfectly on the RVR and not take up too much space. You can then just connect your phone to it while driving RVR.

If you have general knowledge about speakers and wires and stuff, then you can follow my post about the DIY stereo system for RVR. It’ll be a while until I develop the final version, but I will eventually.


Excellent, thank you very much!

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