Sphero 1.0 (original) + app from 2012

Greetings from Munich! I found my old sphero 1.0 and tried to use it with the old app. I was able to connect via bluetooth (the sphero is flashing in different colors), but only for a second or so. Could you please come in and help me with my issue?

THX & all the best

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Hello @michasuniversum,

Welcome to the forum! Excited to see that you have one of the very first robots and that it’s still working for you!

What phone do you have? What is the app called? I know Sphero doesn’t officially support the original apps, but there might be an easy fix to your problem. Otherwise, you should be able to download the Sphero EDU app, which should work with your robot.


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Hi Quentin,

Thank you for your quick response. I habe an iphone x, the app is called Sphero (the old one).