Sphero and microbits

I know that the Rover can now be paired with a Microbit, but is there anyway the SPRK+ or BOLT can? There used to be a google site where this was possible with the SPRK+ but this has now ceased.
Looking for activities for Year 6 children who have been using the Sphero’s and know them well, but want to extend their learning using other tech.

Hi @wethinkbig,

It is definitely possible to control a Bolt or a SPRK+ over BLE from a micro:bit, but you’ll need to do a lot of it yourself. Bolt uses the same underlying APIv2.1 protocol as RVR, but a different command set. We don’t have the Bolt command set documented in a form that I can easily share, so you’d need to do some reverse engineering. We do not encrypt communications between our apps and our robots (other than firmware updates), so a simple BLE sniffer would be all you need to see everything the apps do to control our robots. Adafruit has a tool that works with WireShark.

If this sounds like too much to do from scratch, there may be other open source community projects that get you partway there, of you do some searching.

Have fun!

Thanks for the message. I’ll have an explore!
A few years ago we did use MicroBits with the SPRK+ on Google Workbench, but this has stopped now and the SAMS studio that’s replaced it, just does the SAM tech with MicroBits.
It would be great for someone to do an Extension for the MakeCode site!

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