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The Sphero 2.0 apps have been cancelled, why? I know I don’t own one but was looking forward too till the apps have been deleted. I also want to know why the Sphero mini app is being used as all the robots apps. It dropped out the face-drive too. What is this, where are all the apps, and why does Sphero Play even exist. Funding Issues. Discontinuation. What is it?
Please reply.

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Unfortunately the sphero 2.0 is discontinued

Hello @Eyad,

In an effort to bring more clarity and unity across all current products, we decided to focus on two main apps. The Sphero Play app, where you can find all sorts of game modes, and the EDU app which is perfect if you want to code!

As far as Sphero 2.0, (which was released 7 years ago) we stopped supporting this product a while back, and chose to not update the app for it anymore.

We encourage you to take a look at our current products such as BOLT, which is an upgrade from Sphero 2.0!


1: Sphero 2.0 apps have been discontinued a while ago. 2: Face Drive only works exclusively on a Sphero Mini. 3: I don’t know why Sphero Play was made either.

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