Sphero Bolt front and back lights flash red while battery at %50

I have bought a Sphero Bolt just a couple days before. While the battery is at half power its front and back leds start to flash red. It’s nowhere close to critical battery level since I can play for a quite long time after red flashes. This happened on all of my 6 hours full charges. I didn’t even play for an hour but the red lights are flashing. It worries me. I also feel like the stabilization becomes “off” after this red flashes happens because Sphero Bolt becames clumsy and can’t maintain its horizontal stability during hard turns (or maybe I’m imaging things…)

Any idea or suggestion?

edit: I have updated and then force upadated the firmware. It didn’t solve the issue. Also, Bolt works fine except the stability during red flashes.

I have discovered the reason behind Sphero Bolts clumsiness. I usually play on wooden floor. While playing It’s covered with dust. So at the end of battery life those accumulated dust on it’s surface prevent traction. Wiping the surface of Sphero Bolt solved this issue.

Also the red blinking should be battery indication. I have set a timer for my play time and it almost work for 2 hours. So, I guess it’s ok. Neither apps show the battery level correctly.

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