Sphero EDU on Intel Mac running OS X 11.6.2 crashes on Upload Photo

We’re using Sphero Edu Version 6.3.5 (2562) on a 2017 Apple Macbook Pro (Intel processor), and doing activities made available from our child’s school. Some of the activities have Mark As Complete, and others have Upload Photo to upload an actual photo or a screenshot.

We’re consistently observing that Sphero Edu locks up when trying to upload a photo, or when trying to cancel the photo selection dialog box.

One thing that stands out to me is that the dialog box is not the usual select file style of dialog box, but some kind of integration with Apple’s Photos application. Maybe this is a relatively new OS X feature and Sphero Edu isn’t supporting it properly?

Any suggestions are much appreciated. I haven’t spent much time with Sphero but I’m happy to attempt fairly technical debugging / reproduction steps.