Sphero Global Challenge FAQs

What is the cost of the Sphero Global Challenge?

  • $75 is the cost to register a team for the Sphero Global Challenge. This is a team registration cost, so multiple teams would require multiple registration fees.

What does the registration cost include?

  • With the registration fee, a team can complete virtual submissions for 1 to 3 events of the Sphero Global Challenge. Included in the registration costs are coaches guides, rules documents, evaluation rubrics, and digital materials to support recruiting and marketing in your school.

How many students can be on a registered team?

  • Teams are recommended to be 3-5 students per event to promote collaboration and spread the workload. However, a team can consist of one student, or as many students as you would like

I can have 15 students on a registered team?

  • Technically, yes. With the team registration a team can submit in the different events. We would recommend that you divide your team into event sub-groups to better spread the workload. So, a team of 15 would look like 5 students working on the BOLT: Space Mission event, 5 students working on the littleBits Invent 4 Good event, and 5 students working on the RVR+littleBits: Mission Mars event.

What hardware is required for competing?

  • BOLT: Space Mission
    • 2 BOLT robots are required
    • Craft supplies
  • littleBits Invent 4 Good: Mission Earth
    • STEAM+ or STEAM Student Set are recommended
    • Craft supplies
  • RVR+littleBits: Mars Mission:
    • 1 RVR
    • littleBits Kit (RVR Topper Kit recommended)
    • Craft supplies

What is the competition season? Deadlines for submitting?

  • Registration opens on 8/25 via robotevents.com
  • Once you have access to the materials, you can begin the work on completing the mission objectives
  • Final submissions are due on 2/28/2021 at 9:00pm ET

Can a coach manage more than 1 team?

  • Yes. There are no limits to the number of teams that a coach manages.

What is a coach’s responsibility?

  • A coach should be a supervisory adult willing to facilitate team meetings and work sessions (don’t worry, we provide some agendas for you to follow. A coach is also responsible for registration, payment, and submitting the final virtual submissions on robotevents.com

Do teams have to be school based?

  • Teams do not need to be based out of a school. The only requirement is that there is at least 1 child in the appropriate age range with a supervising adult to act as coach and submit materials on behalf of the students.

What are the criteria for advancing to the Sphero World Championships?

  • Advancement criteria are described in detail in the Sphero Global Challenge Official Rules, but the high-level overview is that teams will be evaluated on their Overall Performance Score across all three events. For teams that only complete one event, they will still be eligible to qualify based on the individual event score.

Where do I register a team for the Sphero Global Challenge

  • Registration will take place at Robotevents.com.
    • As a coach, you will need to create an account.
    • After creating your account and verifying your email, you will be able to register a team.
    • Navigate to the account section and click the green “Register a Team” icon.
    • Follow the steps to register each team you will be coaching
    • After you pay for registration, you will be able to register your team for individual events via robotevents.com
    • You can also use this registration guide available to help you register

Are there prizes for teams that are selected as Finalists?

  • There will be non-cash prizes awarded to teams that are selected as finalists. This may include Sphero products, trophies, badges, plaques, etc.

What happens if my team can not attend an in-person Sphero World Championship due to COVID-19?

  • The Sphero World Championship is a bonus celebration event for teams. Participation is not required if your team is selected as a Finalist. Being selected as a Finalist is a great accomplishment and your team should celebrate any way you feel safe.
  • If the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from hosting an in-person Sphero World Championship, then we will conduct a Virtual Championship instead.
  • The Sphero Global Challenge is committed to inspiring the creators of tomorrow, wherever that might be, even in blended, remote, or at-home learning scenarios.
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