Sphero in MuJoCo simulation


I’d like to play with Sphero bot in MuJoCo physics simulation. It is a robot after all, isn’t it? Would be nice to have MJCF or URDF file with not very restrictive license.



Hey @david!

That is an awesome idea :slight_smile: Up until the recent release of the RVR, Sphero bots have been mainly used by grade school children and their educators and, therefore, most of the development we have done has been done with them in mind. We haven’t delved into simulators like MuJoCo with our previous bots (at least not recently), as the activities being done with bots like Sphero, SPRK+ and BOLT are very hands-on and teach children (and new developers!) about trial and error (among many other awesome things!) :slight_smile:

We have had a few requests lately, though, as we’ve branched out into the hacker/maker-space with the release of RVR, to have a simulation environment that users can test in before hitting the road with their RVR, so I’ll pass your suggestion of this environment along to the powers that be :slight_smile:

How did you get involved with Sphero? What led you to choose the BOLT (per one of your other posts)? Do you have any other Sphero bots?

It seems like the RVR might be the best bot for your skill level at this time, as that is the one that allows for expansion into attaching other parts and development boards (like Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and Arduino), allowing you to use a language other than JS to work with your bot and to run programs in an environment other than our Edu App :slight_smile: You can check out more info about all of this on our sdk site (where you can also find our license)!

If this venture into the hacker/maker space is a successful one, many of us are hoping to be able to expand the SDKs we released along with RVR to also be able to work with some of our previous bots, but, at this point, all previous bots are communicated with through our Play and Edu apps and RVR is the bot that allows our most advanced users, like yourself, to dive deeper into where consumer robots meet software development.

With all of that said, I LOVE your simulator suggestion and would love to hear more from you about how we can best learn and grow with you :relaxed: Thank you so so much for reaching out and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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