Sphero mini battery doesn't work without power connected

Dear happy Sphero users!

After 1,5 or 2 years in the closet my son of 11 wanted to play with the Sphero mini ball again.
Offcourse we first had to charge the battery. So we did that.
The led on the ball turned green, we could connect the mini to the iPad and we thought we could use the mini …
But when we disconnected the mini from the power supply the mini looks dead … and the app doesn’t t recognize the mini ball anymore …

What can we do?
Can anyone please help us?

Best regards,

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Hello @marcoweel!

Sorry to hear you are having some issues with your robot. Does the robot consistently turn on when plugged in, and off when you unplug it? Unfortunately, it is pretty common for batteries to stop working if they are not used / charged for a while.

Another thing that could be happening although less likely is the the battery is disconnected from the robot. Although I can’t officially recommend that, there is nothing that prevents you from taking a look inside.

I would encourage you to contact customer support if you are not having any luck.


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