Sphero RVR and Lego Spike

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Anyone who knows how til combine the Sphero RVR with Lego Spike? I want the Spike to send information to the Lego unit. Is it possible?


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Hi @widan,

Welcome to our forums! Your post caught my eye, as I’ve been wanting to work on something similar with the NXT generation of Lego Mindstorms as a fun side project.

I poked around a bit and didn’t immediately find the sort of detailed open hardware and firmware specifications for Spike Prime that Lego has made available for past generations of their robotics kits, so that makes things a bit more challenging.

The main issue to solve is that RVR and Spike Prime don’t use the same communication protocol, so you’ll need to do one of the following:

  1. Make the Spike hub use RVR’s UART protocol directly, through either a modified sensor cable or the 6-pin header on the back of the distance sensor. The Spike Prime spec sheet seems to indicate the sensor ports have a UART operating at 115200 baud just like the RVR UART and the prior Mindstorms EV3. Given this, and the apparent usage of MicroPython, it might not be tremendously difficult to adapt the RVR Micro:bit SDK for this purpose.
  2. Add another microcontroller in between RVR and Spike Prime to perform translation between the two.

When I was looking for information about communication with custom sensors, I found this repo from Mindsensors, which supports their zoned IR obstacle detection sensor for Spike Prime: https://github.com/mindsensors/SPIKEPrime

The Pybricks project looks like it’ll be supporting Spike Prime soon, so that might be a good option as well when they eventually release it. https://pybricks.com/

The well-regarded Lego Technic and Mindstorms enthusiast Philo also has a page about reverse engineering the “Powered Up” serial protocol, which might be the same as the LPF2 interface specified for the distance sensor expansion port. https://www.philohome.com/wedo2reverse/protocol.htm

Good luck!


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Hi Jim


I will try to understand your mail and see if I can make it work.


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