Sphero RVR Driving Modes

After waiting for so long for the new firmware update for Sphero, it is finally available! Possibly my favorite addition is the new tank drive possibility.

With that said, I sadly don’t have the time to learn programming or develop a tank drive controller with the new feature, so I figured I’d ask if anyone has already done so and would be willing to share the code and how to set it up.

Additionally, if any sphero devs see this:
It would be amazing if we could have these new drive modes implemented into the EDU drive interface. As many people do not have the time, resources, or money to build and program their own special controllers just for this, implementing the code into the app itself would let countless people experience their RVR in a new, exciting way.
I am not sure about this, but it seems that if you were able to create the ability to make this kind of controller, it would be simple enough to replace the controller with two sliders on-screen and link each to the speed of each tread for the Tank drive mode. (Sphero play already has multiple modes, so it would be nice to have that kind of option for the RVR as well)

If you actually read the whole thing, thanks for your time.
Here’s a quick photo I got of my RVR while camping:

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