Sphero RVR Flamethrower Pyro Mini

I am considering ordering 2 Pyro Mini Fireshooter from Vat19 and now I wonder if you have any ideas how to attach them to my Sphero RVR in the best way? If i had a 3d printer that Sphero used then it would have been another thing but now I do not have it, so came up with ideas :slightly_smiling_face:



If you can’t use a 3D printer, I’ve got an idea for you. You can get one of those adhesive mounting tapes, and use it to attach the pyro mount to something like a credit card. Then make holes in the card for screws, so you can attach and remove it from the RVR any time. The only problem would be you can’t use the mount normally anymore, but it’s probably not too inconvenient.

Hope that might help.

That is a nice idea! :blush: or can someone here draw a similar plate as Sphero did in 3d printer so I can fit with 3 mini pyro? if you send the 3d file to me then a company that i have talked to can do it for me since

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