Sphero RVR not listed in robot to connect to on Mac Laptop

I just got my Sphero RVR and can NOT connect to it using my Mac Laptop. When I “select robot to connect to” . the RVR is NOT in the list of robots to connect to.

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Sphero connects to tablets generally. This is done via bluetooth I think. Do you have a tablet with the Sphero EDU App?

I normally use an iPhone or iPad to control my Sphero Bolt & RVR. I don’t have a MAC, but I do have a WIndows 10 Laptop with Bluetooth. I was able to install the Sphero EDU App from the Microsoft Store. I then fired it up and it was able to connect and control my RVR.

Make sure your MAC has Bluetooth and that it is enabled for the Sphero App. Just a guess.

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I don’t think the current desktop version for Mac supports RVR yet. I see the same behavior on my system. I can connect to other sphero robots just fine.

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I got an update to the Mac desktop app today that includes RVR! Give it another try!

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I got connected to my rvr.