Sphero SPH - Android or Raspberry PI interface?

Hi… I want to get a Sphero robot for my nephew. I know he has a Raspberry Pi 4 (the all-in one thing with keyboard)… he also has a tablet - which might be an amazon fire - which, I think, is used for school work.

I was hoping that an enthusiast could help me out. How difficult would it be to get started using a Raspberry PI with a Sphero? Is the Raspberry PI supported - or am I likely to find that getting it working requires tech-savvy supervision? Is there an easy way to check if a particular tablet would work with the Sphero? My hope was for coding with blocks/scratch - as he’s already experienced Scratch on the Raspberry Pi 4.

I’m aware of the Rover - as being explicitly “for” the Raspberry Pi… Would this be a better idea? (I really like the cute appearance of the ball robots…)

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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