Sphero SPRK 2.0 connecting to multiple devices at once

In my classroom we have 10 Sphero SPRK 2.0 and we are trying to use Sphero EDU app. The problem is that the Sphero’s are connecting to multiple devices and interrupting the programming. How do you get on bot to connect to only one device at a time and not drop its connection?
Amanda Hough

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Hello @ahough,
Could you tell me what robots / devices you are using?
Are you using the Sphero 2.0 (white shells), the Sphero SPRK (clear shell with gray band) or the SPRK+ (clear shell with blue inside) ?
Also, which platform are you using, Android, iOS?

Thank you!


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Sphero SPRK



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Since you are using Sphero SPRK, you might have had to pair the robots with the devices you are using in your classroom.
I believe what is happening is that you have multiple devices paired to the same robot.

I would recommend that you un-pair the robots and the devices at the end of each session, and pair them again at the beginning of the next one.
Another solution would be to un-pair all the robots and devices. Then, pair 1 device with 1 robot, and label the pairs with a sticker.

I hope this helps!

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