Sphero Swimming and Diving Programming

My challenge is that when I launch off of the starting blocks, It drops into the pool ( about 1 meter and another meter underwater), it surfaces but it’s no longer running by “roll” commands. It’s still connected, but I have to aim, verify connection and reengage. I’m guessing that the senors kicked in and waiting for an additional set of commands after the drop. Thoughts?

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What bots are you planning on using?? Just making sure.

Hello Stan,

Thank you for your post!
I have also played with Sphero in the pool before, it’s a lot of fun!
I believe the issue you are having is that the water blocks all Bluetooth connections between the app and the robot. While the robot is floating, you are still able to maintain a reasonable connection, but the radio waves are blocked by the water when the robot is completely submerged.

You could try to have Sphero start in the pool, or have a smaller drop, so that the robot doesn’t lose connection. You could also use some accessories to create smooth ramp down into the water.

I hope this helps!


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Ahh, yeah, that makes a lot of sense… after all, water even blocks nuclear radiation enough to swim in a pool will literally tons of highly concentrated nuclear waste and not even be affected much. In facts it’s so good at stopping things from passing through that nuclear waste sites literally have divers go down into the pools filled with the waste bins for maintenance, and have literally no side effects.

It’s a fascinating topic.