SPRK+ blinking blue and won’t show up

I’ve got 2 SPRK+ units and charge bases.
One charges and connects,
The other looks like it changed (base solid blue) but sphere is blinking blue and it won’t show in any of the control app’s.
Link to video showing issue

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Hello @Mikele,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum!

Could you take a video of what happens when you press on the button on the cradle? That should force the charging base to trigger a recharge of the robot.


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Here you go.
It blinks, I press. It does some lights, then charges a min or two and back to solid blue base and blinking blue sphere.

Thank you for the video, this is helpful!

How long have you had your robot for?

I think your robot’s battery is fully discharged, but the charger is having some issues recovering it.
The robot is behaving as expected in the video you just sent, which is a good start.

I would recommend putting the robot in the base, and waiting for the charging light to be solid blue. Then press the button, which will reset the robot, and let it sit in the base until the light turns solid blue again. I would repeat those steps 3/4 times in a row. That might give the battery enough energy to “jump-start”. At some point, the robot should trigger a normal charge cycle that will last longer than a few minutes.

If you are still not successful recovering the battery, I would contact customer support.

I apologize for the trouble, and I hope this will help!