SPRK+ has water droplets inside!

Hi I’m very new to this forum (lol was that necessary…?) and my SPRK+ has water droplets inside and I’m worried because it’s looking terrible… Please have a look at the picture and tell me if that’s normal/ok…

If its not fine, please tell me what I can do about it.

Hi @nicomuffler, welcome to our forum. Some amount of condensation is normal at times (see Condensation Inside Sphero SPRK+ - Sphero Support & Help | Sphero's Knowledge Base), but this amount may be out of the ordinary. Please contact support@sphero.com (attn: Sara). She’ll have follow-up questions to see if this is cause for concern or not.


Thank you for replying, it seems to have disappeared for now but it comes back really easily. For example when dropping/washing in water, charging (it heats up a little), played in aircon. Thanks again for helping! :smile:

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