Stream Configuration Format?

Am I getting the stream processing correct?

  1. Send to a processor a stream: <token><high id><low id><size>...<high id><low id><size> where the id and size are repeated for the desired sensors. Sensors are grouped by the processor and token.

  2. The responses are all 0x3D streaming service notify. The data is in the order and size specified in the streaming request from (1) determined by processor and token.

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Hey @rmerriam!

That sounds right, yes. For example, here is the config packet layout: A, { { B, C }, ...} where A is the token and {B, C} is the repeated set of ID/sizes, respectively. Data is returned in the order of that set, with bytes associated to the size. :slight_smile:

Nice Work!


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@brightnbubbly, thanks. Just realized my message got munged by the bracket eating gods. Glad you figured out what I was saying.