The newest member of robot family has finally arrived!

Say hello to little friend -


Blue boi!

Welcome to the community, have you named your RVR yet?

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Lol, Na I’m probably just going to stick with RVR “Rover”

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You need to add it to “Bots I have” in your profile! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol, ya & post a family portrait. :slight_smile:


Took a while, & added a couple more new robot friends.

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That is a LOT of cozmos!!! Do they play together?

No, not unless their being controlled. Vector is the only one that works on his own & unfortunately before they closed, Anki never got the software such so Vector could interact with any of the Cozmo’s. I wouldn’t mind picking up another Vector though, the 2 Vectors could interact like R2D2 & BB8 do. :slight_smile:

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