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Hey bit’sters submit your own tips & tricks here. This topic includes some posts from the original littleBits forums

Nice goodlooking knobs for LittleBits. NOTE: This post is a copy of a post submitted by user tekenvis in the original littleBits forums.

With little grommets, and a bunch of straight pins, you can make convincing and appropriate knobs for your LittleBits projects. Especially the LittleBits parts, designed by Korg…

These grommets are aviable in quite big varieties, all with different sizes and shapes. You will have to buy some, and find out yourself which are best. It can be done at very low costs.

They come in large, small, curved-round or with straight-edges.
There are even colorcoded ones. For my own taste the smaller straight ones in black, balance perfectly
between handling the LittleBits with your fingers, and still easy to identify them by sight.
Luckily, most little grommets are very cheap. As do the wellknown straight pins.

The beaty of grommets (with a straight hole for 5 mm or preferably a little bit less), is that they are easy to fit, tight enough to turn & work around, and loose enough to be easily adjusted for a starting point. No screwdriver needed. As well for visual and tactile purposes, the straight pins comes in play, to identify knob-positions.

When my improvised knobs are finished, the heads of these pins sticks clearly out, somewhere on the upper visible part of the grommet. You can now SEE and FEEL, where the knob-position is supposed to be.

Assembling your grommet-knob onto the shaft of the LittleBit potentiometer is easy. But sticking a sharp pin through a grommet is somewhat tricky. With some effort you must carefully pinch the complete pin trough the side of the grommet.

So handle at OWN RISK, and with your own responsibility. ALWAYS BE careful not to hurt yourself.

When the complete straight pin is sticked through the grommet, you can cut/snap the long sharp part with a small but stiff pincer. When do so, same warning here, and use protection glasses for your eyes.

You can squeeze the grommet somewhat flatter, before you make the cut. In that case the other end underneat your handmade knob, nearly dissappears in the grommet when releasing the pressure.

When these grommets are in place on the shafts of the potentiometers, you immediatley feel that they have a very accurate grip for your fingers.

See my links for endresults:

  1. Grommets mounted
  2. Grommets close view

Storage solution: Rolykit. NOTE: This post is a copy of a post submitted by user Timo in the original littleBits forums.

Hi there,

I discovered that a Rolykit is a very nice way to store bits, see these pictures:



It rolls up to a portable case.

They are offered for a decent price on 2nd hand markets

Current draw of various bits - Tested! NOTE: This post is a copy of a post submitted by user baselsalam in the original littleBits forums.

I ran into an issue with my USB battery packs turning off if the current draw wasn’t high enough.
I solved this by testing the current draw of all my bits using my DROK USB meter, and found that 60mA is enough to keep the pack on!
Example bits needed: USB(10mA) + two RGB LEDs set to white (30mA each),
or USB(10mA) +Bargraph (40mA) +Led (10mA).

Here’s the full table of my readings so far (max resolution of my meter: 10mA).
I’ll keep adding more bits as I acquire them.