TTY cable to RVR

Hi! I have one of these USB to TTL cables from Adafruit which I’ve used to set up my raspberry pi zero. Having finally hooked up my pi, I see it uses the same pins to connect to the RVR. Is there any reason I couldn’t use this cable to connect directly from my desktop computer to the RVR?

Obviously I don’t plan to drive the thing while it’s attached to my machine, but it would be handy to have my full-on development environment available for doing exploratory programming, versus needing to ssh over to the pi.

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As long as you leave the 5V wire from the Adafruit cable and the 5V pin from the RVR UART both completely disconnected…then yes, you should be able to use that Adafruit USB cable. Its data pins are 3.3V per the Adafruit website, which matches the RVR’s 3.3V UART pins. Just connect the GND pin to the GND Wire. And be sure to connect Rx from the RVR to the Tx of the Adafruit cable. Likewise for the RVR Tx to the Adafruit Rx.


It works! I’ve been able to run with the TTY cable plugged into the bottom-most three UART cables in the order black, white, green.

I also updated the default device parameter in sphero_sdk/asyncio/client/dal/ from /dev/ttyS0 to '/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART', which is where the cable manifests on my Mac.