Ultrasonic RVR Project example

I just tried the Ultrasonic RVR example (after trying the other 2 example projects) and amazingly got the wiring correct first go! I used 560 om resistors instead of 470 as that was the closest I had. I used blu-tac to secure the sensors to the front of RVR though I might try mounting them on top to avoid them being hit if RVR crashes whilst turning.
One small software issue I hit was that RPi.GPIO was not installed so I used:
pip install RPi.GPIO
to install it and then all worked well. Thanks for the great example project, RVR made it out of my sunroom, through the kitchen and all the way to the front door before I stopped it!


It also says at the end of the project that pressing any key should stop the program but the code only checks for KeyboardInterrupt so you will need to press Ctrl-C to stop RVR doing his thing :raised_back_of_hand:

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Got pictures? Would love to see how you did this.