Unable to connect

When I click on the Sphero’s a message pops up to turn on Bluetooth on the iPad. This happens with 2 of the 8 iPads I am using in class. In other words 6 iPads connect and 2 won’t.
Have turned Bluetooth off and on on Ipad. Have restarted the iPad. No luck


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Hey @seisenberg!

Thank you so much for reaching out; I am sure it is immensely frustrating to be down 25% of your resources :confused:

Are all of your iPads the same version? (same type of iPad? all on the most up to date software? or all on the same not-most-recent software?) Any discrepancies there would help us troubleshoot :slight_smile:

Are you able to connect all of the bots you have to all of the other iPads you have, or are you using specific iPads for specific bots? The first thing I would be curious about is whether all of your bots can be used interchangeably with your 6 working iPads, as this would rule out there being an issue with the bots, themselves.

Turning the iPads off and on again was genuinely a good idea (as much as that is often a joke for how to fix things, it does often reset the system and kick it back into gear!); along similar lines, have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the Sphero app on your “non-functioning” iPads?

Are you able to successfully connect any other bluetooth devices to the iPads that are giving you this error? Do you or your students or colleagues have any wireless earphones or smart watches or the like that you might be able to try connecting to your iPad?

I am so sorry for the 20 questions :see_no_evil: my initial thought when you said that only a few of your iPads were having issues was that it must be the bluetooth on the iPads, but I HATE being tossed between teams at two different companies who are just telling me the issue is the other company’s fault, rather than actually trying to help me.

(as an aside, I am simply a lowly engineer at Sphero and am happy to continue working through this with you, but you can get supplementary help from our support team at support@sphero.com (possibly more quickly, if I am not getting to you quickly enough)).

I really hope that one of the above troubleshooting attempts gets you closer to being up and running sooner :crossed_fingers: Please let me know how all of that goes and if there is anything else that I can do to help you out!


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