Unable to Update Firmware

We’ve downloaded the Sphero Edu App, and were able to find and connect to our Sphero Sprk+. It immediately says it needs to update Firmware, but then stays at 0%. The device does not turn orange and play elevator music either (which I’ve read is an indicator that the devise is updating with the App). I’ve tried updating the App, but that doesn’t seem to have an effect. Has anyone else experienced this problem and able to help? I’ve tried this process both on a Windows based Laptop, as well as a Chromebook, both unsuccessfully. Thank you in advance!

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Hello @haply,

Thank you for your post on the forum!
In order to update your robot, you have to connect it to a phone or tablet, either iOS, or Android.
Unfortunately, we are not able to update the firmware of the robot over Chromebook, or laptops.

Feel free to download the EDU app on your phone, update the robot, and then it should be able to work with your laptops!

I hope this helps,


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