Unknown Power Message

I’m seeing the response messages:

8D 28 1 13 11 FF B3 D8

This is a power device command of 0x11 that is not documented in the Python enums that I can find.

  1. Turn on Rvr
  2. Send a wake up command, wait 4 seconds, and then send a sleep command. This message isn’t sent.
  3. Send the wake up, wait, and sleep. The message appears right after sending the sleep.
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I see this message every time I turn the unit on. I also looked for this code and did not find it.

I think it is I have just been powered on (0x11).

You could use it to start your program in the field.

Flags: 28
Target: 1
Device: 13
Command: 11
Wait? FF
Checksum: B3



Hey Team!

Just jumping in to confirm that DID=13, CID=11 corresponds with the “System Awake Notification” (Notify that a wake-up has occurred and the system is ready to perform operations normally available when awake) :slight_smile:

The behavior that you are seeing, @rmerriam, does seem unexpected, though. Are you waiting for longer in your second scenario than in your first?

Nice sleuthing!


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@brightnbubbly, I tweaked my code and now see the message is being sent only 10 ms after the wake up message. The task monitoring for responses was waiting for a message longer than 8 bytes. That meant it didn’t get processed until another message arrived.

So it is a “now awake” message but not a “power on” message.

To elaborate for others:

Power On - no responses are received if the system is off. (Duh!) If you got a response obviously the power is on.
Sleep - responses to messages are received but ones for, say, drive are not completed. A response after a wake up says when a drive command can be issued and action will occur.


In the Edu app the Rvr can be powered off. I don’t see an API command for this. Is there one?

Also, where can we find the current version numbers for the firmware? The Edu app is reporting them to me but I’m not sure if it is telling me to update or just reporting.

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Hey @rmerriam!

CID 0x00 is “Enter Deep Sleep” (a name we are trying to change to more accurately describe what is actually happening (the bot turning off)). There is an optional parameter that will delay the deep sleep command for the specified amount of seconds from 0-255. (0 or no argument means immediate power down).
NOTE: This will also cut power to your attached board. It is important to power down your Raspberry Pi/Arduino/etc before killing its power source (the RVR).

Additionally, CID 0x0A is “Prepare for Shutdown” (Start process to prepare for shut down) and CID 0x0B is a “Ready for Shutdown” indication.

In regards to a place to go to find what the most up to date version of the firmware is, I am waiting on the team as to

  1. Whether there is a place to go to find this information on your own and
  2. If our list to update users via email is definitely ready to go for the next Firmware update

What I can tell you is that the mobile app checks every robot it connects to, every time it connects, to ensure that the robot has the most up-to-date firmware, and updates it if not. With this being the case, the app is both telling you the most up-to-date version AND what version is on your robot :slight_smile:

I will let you know if I find another place where you can see the latest version!