Using Edu app on iPad compared to Windows or Android


I have been using Sphero Bolts and the Sphero Edu app on different devices. We have iPads and Windows laptops in school and I have also used them with my Android phone.

I have noticed that when using the iPad, the Bolt always remembers where it was aimed previously and every time I run a program, it will always move forward in the same direction.

However, when using the Windows laptop of my Android phone, I’ve noticed it doesn’t remember the direction it was aimed at. This means if I run a program which involves a turn, if I run it again, it will then take the direction it finished facing as the new forward (0 degrees).

I have attached a photo with the different resulting movements if each program was run twice. The orange is what the iPad programming would result in and the green is the Android or Windows device programming.

Ideally, it would be better if they all worked like the iPad does. When using the Windows devices, the children in my class have to aim the device again every time before they run the program and that adds an extra bit of time. This is frustrating when they are being set challenges to navigate a course and want to run a program, edit their code and then test it again.

Is there a way to change any of these settings so that it doesn’t have to be done?

Many thanks