Using Sensor Data in the Classroom

One way that I incorporate sensor data into my physics classroom is by utilizing the graphs that are generated right in the SpheroEdu app. My first unit focuses on graphing motion – basically, students have to analyze and construct position-time, velocity-time, and acceleration-time graphs. The awesome things is that the SpheroEdu app will generate these graphs as it runs a program.

I give students different movements they must make the sphero do, like drive forward for 2 s, stop for 2 seconds, and then turn around a come back to where it started from. Students program the Sphero to match that motion. Then they are tasked with analyzing the graphs produced while running the program.

I hope to extend this activity in the future by having students downloading the .csv data file and loading it into excel and creating their own graphs in excel.

What lessons and activities have you done in your classroom that utilizes sensor data?

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